Smoky Applied Research and Demonstration Association (SARDA) is a non-profit organization which conducts research related to agriculture.  Our staff works to facilitate the transfer of new technology and sound production practices from research institutions and industry to local producers by establishing farm demonstrations and applied research trials.  Our projects and activities are determined in large part by the interests and priorities of producers in our region.

Our region includes:

         MD of Smoky River

MD of Big Lakes

         MD of Greenview  Northern Sunrise County


The information gained by the research done is presented to the producers in down to earth, easily accessible ways such as newsletters, annual reports, tours, and producer meetings to name a few. Applied Research Associations like SARDA work closely with many groups including MD's and Counties, Alberta Agriculture, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, conservation groups, industry and many other organizations across Alberta and throughout the country.

2013 SARDA Directors
Charlie Turcotte, Chairman
Rhonda Clarke-Gauthier, Vice-Chair
Richard Maisonneuve, Director
Brianne Brault, Director
Daniel Cloutier, Director
Kenny Stewart, Director
Harris Krawchuck, Director
Terry Chaibos, Director
Ed Tollefson, Director

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